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Fiber Optic 8/10-bit Digitally Encoded 4 Video with 2 1 Date

8/10 Bit Digitally Encoded Modulation
NTSC, PAL, SECAM Compatible
SMT and Surface Mount Technology
Industrial grade Design
Lightening-proof Up to 4,000V
Overload and Short Circuit Protection
Signal status intelligent indication
ST, FC Optical Connector
10db Budget with 50/1255
13db Budget with 62.5/1255
36db Budget with Single-mode Fiber
20KM (SM) & 2KM (MM) , Max to 100KM
5 years Warranty

Transition Networks Analog Video + Data TX and RX units transport analog composite video and data simultaneously over multimode or single mode fiber. The TX device receives the video output from the camera and transmits it over the fiber. In addition, the TX device receives the data stream over fiber and transmits it to the camera to control PTZ functionality. The RX device receives the video signal on fiber and converts it back to an analog composite video stream and outputs the video on coaxial cable to the monitor. In addition, the RX device receives the data stream from the PTZ controller and transmits it over the fiber to the other end of the link.
All the conversion is performed in real time. Automatic gain control installed on both Transmitter and Receiver maintains desired quality of videos contrast and brightness for extended distance. No field adjustments are necessary.

Video Performance:
Sampling Resolution : 8Bit/10Bit PCM
Sampling Frequency : 15MHz
Output/Input Signal Levels: 1Vp-p 75 Ohm
Input Overload Level : 1.5Vp-p 75 Ohm
Input Bandwidth: 5Hz- 8MHz
Video In/Output Impedance: 75 Ohm(Unbal)
Differential Gain <=1% Type
Differential Phase <=10Type
Signal to Noise Ratio(S/N) >=70dB (weighted)

Data Performance:
Data Rate RS232 120kbps/300kbps
RS422 120kbps/300kbps
RS485 120kbps/300kbps
Bit Error Rate: < 10^ -13
Lightening-proof: 4 KV
Connector: 5 PIN

Audio Performance:
Interface: 5 PIN or AV(RCA)
Input/Output: 600 Ohm Unbalance/Balance
10K,47KOhm Unbalance/Balance
Input/Output: -6-+6dBm
Frequency: 10Hz-20Khz
S/N >60dB (weighted)

Ethernet Performance:
Interface: RJ45 (With LED Indication )
Mode: 10M/100M(Auto Adapt)
Standard IEEE 802.3/802.3U
Function: Feedback diagnose

Optical Performance:
Input/Output wavelength: SM: 1310/1550nm
MM: 850/1310nm
CWDM: 1270-1610nm
Output Power: 0 dBm~-5 dBm
: -8 dBm~-15 dBm
Sen(Receiver Sensitivity) > -24 dBm (Video)
Sen(Receiver Sensitivity) > -24 dBm (Ethernet)
Sen(Receiver Sensitivity) > -36(D) dBm (Data)
Sen(Receiver Sensitivity) > -36(D) dBm (Audio)
Electrical Performance:
Power Voltage(M) 9V DC
Power Voltage (I) 9V DC
Power Supply(M) 2W or 2.5W
Power Supply(I) Max<120W
2 Power Protection Optional

System Performance:
MTBF>120,000 Hours
LED Indication:
Power LED;
Video LED;
Data LED;
Optic Link LED;
Ethernet LED;
EMI: Standard GJB151-97, SC
Operating Temperature: - 40 degree to +74 degree
Operating Humidity: 0 to 95% Non-condensing

Machine Performance:
Free standing: 205mm(L) *135mm(W) *33mm(H)
Rack (slots) : 172mm(L) *128mm(W) *28mm(H)
Rack Standard: 19X3U
Rack Number: 18 slots
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Iron grey or White

Smart Buildings
Security and Surveillance
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Ease Of Operation:
Free standing and Rack-mounted Optional
Hot Swappable Rack-mount Cards
Automatic Resettable Fuses
Highest Optical Dynamic Range