Sell CDMA Terminal 8 Ports For Call Termination

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This product is a CDMA to Analog Converter. Once you insert a GSM Chip, the device will produce a FXS line to allow a regular phone to be connected and used just like a local land line except your calls will go out the CDMA network. This device can both receive and make calls.

1. Connect the RJ 11FXS line to a VOIP gateway such as Clarent, Cisco, Quintum or Vocaltech.
2. This allows you to send calls from the US to the VOIP gateway which is now connected to the local CDMA network. This allows a much cheaper cost that previous methods
3. This product is not a VOIP gateway. It is a CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal that produces a Analog FXS phone line
4. Eliminate the cost of routing calls to and from wireless phone through the PSTN. With the Fixed Wireless Terminal, you can direct outgoing calls to wireless service and route inbound calls from wireless phones through the unit
5. Available in CDMA 800mhz


 Easy Installation. Just place SIM chip and connect a phone & you're ready to go
 Provides single FXS line per modules
 Set caller ID on and off
 Compatible gain setting with Quintum, Clarent, Cisco and Vocaltech (proven test)
 Low cost way to setup VoIP termination
 Support answer supervision mode with Reverse Batt / Reverse Polarity Signaling
 Supports CDMA 800mhz
 Signal Strength meter with LED
 Block unwanted prefixes
 Able to show error with Front LED
 Power supply and high antenna gain included
 Clear and Neat by using 1 antenna for 4 CDMA module
 Auto detection CDMA network 800mhz
 Units are not locked to any provider or network. They can be used worldwide