Sell CDMA PCO Call Charge Printer 31Q

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Growing needs of communication are making Telecom industry innovate new kind of communication products. VISIONTEK CDMA PCO is one that serves the need for pay telephony for CDMA Telecom operators. The product with an in-built CDMA engine is developed in-house. The product is time tested and approved by CDMA operators in various countries. The product categorically has helped Telco's to achieve USO targets, increased in ARPU's and tele-density. It has also generated greater employment opportunities. The product enables remote administration rendering lower distribution and maintenance costs with lower CAPEX to payphone operators.

VISIONTEK 31Q is based on latest micro controller technology comes with USER FRIENDLY SOFTWARE and Security features.

Application Areas

Attended Payphones

Communication bureaus

Rural Payphone application


Telecom Operators

Air time resellers

Community Centers

Commercial Places

Phone Shops

Call shops/Tele boutiques / Bureaus

Mobile Payphone booths


Computerized call metering
Special local call unit rate
Last call printout
Automatic day-report at 00:00 Hrs.
Accepts DTMF/Pulse dialing
1500 Calls memory
Sub-total display for last 100 calls
Compatible for prepaid and post paid operation
Selective printer disabling for Local/STD/ISD or all calls
Selective local STD/ISD call barring facility
Power saving mode
Programmable buzzer ON/OFF option
Caller ID facility
Secret number dialing and printing
*SMS send/receive
*Auto-line reversal on call maturity
Customized tariff for calls and SMS
Battery backup during power failure
Fuse protection for battery reverse connection
On-line programming
*User-friendly remote management software
Voice level programming