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The CDMA Fixed Wireless Telephone MT2180 provides convenience and mobility for communication in enterprise and home without disturbing phone lines. It is also easy to use in mobile vehicles (trains, ships, etc. ) , temporary events and remote locations where landline can hardly reach. Adopting CDMA module for industrial application, MT2180 has strong interference resistance, low power consumption and good running stability.

Caller ID Function

Users can read incoming call numbers; delete one or all incoming calls information.

Display local number without area code.

Saves 99 dialed numbers with calling duration

Saves 99 received call numbers with calling duration

Saves 99 missed call numbers and the time

Large FLASH storage saves information while power off.

With phone book, keeps 200 numbers with individual ringing tone.

40 chord ring tones

SMS Display Function

Shows 5W20 figures with 12W12 dot-matrixes in every large LCD screen.

Display with interior international Grade 2 font collection.

Saves 99 messages with inbox, and 20 messages with outbox

Users can edit, delete and forward the received messages.

Telephone Functions

Redial latest number

Stored IP number, supporting pre-dial IP number to access long distance.

99 dialed numbers memory. Users can check and call back.

Calling duration

Hand free function

Clock display and high light LCD backlight.

Other Functions

With built-in small keyboard, realize easy input while edit short messages.

Real time clock with display of year, month, day, week, time.

Auto adjusting of time while power on; real time display the calling duration.

Support phone and UIM card mutual locking

IP number setting

Access Internet through WLL phone.

Support keypad locking

Voice announcing of incoming call number

Backup batteries.
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