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The CDMA Wireless Business Phone is based on IS-95A/B CDMA 2000 1X standard, meeting the
needs of 800MHz mobile communications. It has been successfully deployed in the business official
application and the  Cun-Cun-Tong telephone pervasion project in China.

1. Industrial CDMA module
2. Menu in English
3. Phonebook: operations of missed call, incoming call and outgoing call
4. Handsfree
5. ID Call: Supporting CID display
6. Standby battery available: built-in LI-NI battery of 3.6V/700mAh, average operating time: 15 hours
standby/3 hours communication
7. Preset local prefix, IP access number: follow traditional dial plan, system adds local prefix and IP
access number automatically.
8. Preset local handset numbers and blocked numbers: Judge local or Long-haul call by local hand-
-set numbers, make routing decisions number
9. Clock and Calendar
10. Removable UIM card

1. Air Interface Standard: IS-95A/B CDMA 2000 1X
2. Frequency: 800MHz
3 Power Supply: 110~240V AC, 7.5V DC
4 Working Temperature. : -100~+500
5. Working Humidity: 10%~95%
6. Air Pressure: 86~106Kpa