Sell CDS filter

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Used for CDS (photodiodes and photosensitive resistor)

420 ~ 620 nm Tmin>=85%, Tave>=90%

650110nm T=50%

700 ~ 1000 nm Tmax<=3%, Tave<1%

1000 ~ 1100 nm Tmax<=4%

Round : diameter(#3~20mm) x thickness(0.3~1.1mm)

Square: (3~15) W (3~15) mm x thickness(0.3~1.1mm)

Detection of ambient light to control display backlighting
Mobile devices, mobile phones, PDAs
Computing device: TFT LCD monitor for Notebook computer
Consumer device: TFT LCD TV, video camera, digital camera, toys
Automatic residential and commercial management
Automatic contrast enhancement for electronic signboard
Ambient light monitoring device for daylight and artificial light