Sell CE and FDA approved One Step  pregnancy HCG and LH ovulation diagnostic test

CE and FDA approved One Step  pregnancy HCG and LH ovulation diagnostic test You May Also Be Interested In: lh ovulation lh ovulation test one step pregnancy ovulation diagnostic ovulation test
CE and FDA approved One Step pregnancy HCG and LH ovulation diagnostic test

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Key Features:(For HCG test)
Easy to use
Easy to read
Accuracy: 99.8%
Read results within 2-5 minutes
Able to detect as low as 15mIU/ml
Able to test any time of day
Detect pregnancy as early as 1 day after the missed period
Room temperature storage

1) Specimen: urine; serum/urine
2) Format: strip, cassette, midstream
3) Sensitivity: 15mIU/mL
4) One kit includes 1 test (with desiccant) in a foil pouch
Inner packing: (per zipper bag)
Strip: 100 tests
Cassettes: 50 tests
Midstream: 50tests
Outer packing:(per carton)
Strip: 100 bags; Cassette: 50 bags; Midstream 40 bags

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