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Please check our pricelist, we can beat all the prices, and best of all, we accept escrow and paypal. Feel free to ask if you have any doubt.

We ship worldwide FOB.


Here is our mobile phones price list: MOQ 15 phones.

Mobile phones:
Nokia 3120 - USD 210/unit
Nokia 3220 - USD 210/unit
Nokia 3230 - USD 210/unit
Nokia 5140 - USD 229/unit
Nokia 6020 - USD 239/unit
Nokia 6170 - USD 239/unit
Nokia 6230 - USD 239/unit
Nokia 6260 - USD 239/unit
Nokia 6600 - USD 209/unit
Nokia 6610i - USD 209/unit
Nokia 6630 - USD 249/unit
Nokia 6670 - USD 249/unit
Nokia 6822 - USD 249/unit
Nokia 7260 - USD 249/unit
Nokia 7260 - USD 249/unit
Nokia 7270 - USD 259/unit
Nokia 7280 - USD 269/unit
Nokia 7600 - USD 239/unit
Nokia 7610 - USD 249/unit
Nokia 8910i - USD 209/unit
Nokia 9500 - USD 279/unit
N -Gage QD - USD 209/unit
Sony-Ericsson - K500i Only USD 219/unit
Sony-Ericsson - K700 Only USD 229/unit
Sony-Ericsson - P900 Only USD 239/unit
Sony-Ericsson - P910 Only USD 249/unit
Sony-Ericsson - P910i Only USD 309/unit
Sony-Ericsson - Z500 Only USD 209/unit
Sony-Ericsson - Z600 Only USD 229/unit
Sony-Ericsson - Z1010 Only USD 299/unit
Motorola V3 RAZR Only USD 269/unit
Motorola E398 Only USD 219/unit
Motorola MPX-200 Only USD 219/unit
Motorola V80 Tri-band Only USD 219/unit
Motorola V635 Only USD 225/unit
Motorola V878 Only USD 220/unit
Motorola V980 Only USD 245/unit
NEC N160 Tri-band Only 249/unit
NEC N500 Only 349/unit
NEC N820 Tri-band Only 210/unit
NEC e232 Only 399/unit
Samsung D410 Only USD 239/unit
Samsung E600 Only USD 239/unit
Samsung P400 Only USD 229/unit
Samsung E630 Only USD 259/unit
Samsung E800 Only USD 259/unit

All our products are new, factory sealed, with one year internacional warranty, with original accesories and manuals.



ESCROW (only purchases over usd$7500 no exceptions)


If you wish to use Escrow, an advance* has to be provided via paypal (so you can still be protected) . This because when the merchandise exits our warehouse, there has to be a deposit made to justify the exit of that merchandise, it is taken by us as an advance, to be later paid in full by the escrow company .
*Depends on your total parchase. Our sales executive will tell you the exact number.
It can be covered via paypal, so you can still be protected.

Return policy
As soon as the notebooks arrives, you will test it and if it does not matches 100% to your expectations, you can return it in max.5 days since the arrival date.

Supply Capacity
2000 units per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
8 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
1 year