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The anti-pull-off ceramic plunger is another high-tech product of our company at present, the plungers used in petroleum, chemical, food machinery are easy to be corroded wore out and have a short service life, and the available ceramic plungers are not reliable. Nanbo ceramic plungers uses structural ceramic for the working and contract surface with media and the plungers are connected with metal handles mechanically, and the viscose glue is filled between them to prevent the screw from getting lose. The surface toughing the media or the packing is highly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. A service life ten times longer than that of the metal plungers and higher reliability than normal ceramic plungers is achieved. In the mean time, it gives the sealed packing material a longer service life.
◇ Specification
S#24mm, #32mm, #35mm, #38mm, #45mm, #51mm, #57mm or/per order