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CFB Boiler (Circulation Fluidized Boiler) was developed in eighties last century using coal as fuel. It's high in efficiency and low in pollution. It's called clean combustion technology.
CFB boiler has two types, one is high time circulation and other is low time circulation. As the circulation of low time CFB boiler is not sensitive to boiler capacity and coal category, low time circulation boiler does not need high control level and it's easy to operate. In addition, it's suitable for all kinds of coals with less power consumption itself. So it's suitable for small and medium size boilers.
Our technology was introduced from Germany. The fluidized beds in density area are divided into low and high speed portions. Raw coal is delivered to high speed bed. Coal to be screened automatically as per their sizes. Large-size particles to be fluidized at down area. Fine particles float above either overflowing or dropping through division wall in front and rear low speed beds. There are embedded tubes in low speed bed. As fluidized speed is low while particle size is small, obviously bed material has less wearing to embedded tubes. Embedded tube life is prolonged. Besides, the different fluidized speed in the two beds forms internal material circulation in the bed, which enhances material mixture and prolongs stay within bed which intensifies combustion and increases desulphurization efficiency.
The boiler is low time high-low bed CFB boiler with single drum, natural circulation, and full membrane wall furnace chamber. There are design features as follows:
1. To adopt high-low bed technology so as to prolong the life of embedded tubes, intensify combustion and increase desulphurizastion efficiency;
2. To adopt full membrane wall structure to assure expansion and sealing of boiler;
3. To adopt combinatory multi-tube cyclone separator which has high separation rate of 90% with easy layout;
4. To ignite under bed
Water cooling air chamber and water cooling distributor make it possible to ignite under bed. Ignition is by hot gas generator under bed with fuel oil burning in internal cylinder of generator for high temperature smoke gas which mixes with cooling air inside liner to form about 900 :C hot smoke gas which is blew by air distributor to heat bed material under fluidization. The ignition method features in complete heat exchange, less oil consumption, easy ignition with high success.
5. Effective wearing resistance
Wearing is one of the important factors to continuous economical running of CFB boiler. The advanced high-low bed technology for boiling section was introduced from Germany, which assure low speed smoke and fine particles to reduce wearing. Besides, fins of embedded tubes are made in 1Cr20Ni14Si2 which allows 3 times life of embedded tubes. To have low speed smoke in tail heating surface for less wearing; To add wearing-proof angle steel in air facing surface of snake tubes of economizer; To add wearing-proof cover in bend; No need to take wearing resistance in water cooling wall because of low smoke blowing.