Sell CFT-2100C Micro-wave Treatment Device

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CFT-2100 Micro-wave Treatment Device

CFT-2100 micro-wave treatment device (GZY-I functional uterine hemorrhage therapy instrument) introduces thermal effect and biological effect into clinical therapy. It can improve the nutritional metabolism of pathological local tissue, speed up the regeneration of pathological tissue, relieve spasticity and pain, and diminish inflammation, having significant curing effect on various inflammations like prostatitis, cervicitis, periarthritis humeroscapularis , arthritis, wound healing and soft tissue injury. It has been widely adopted in department of oncology, urological department, department of obstetrics and gynecology, department of physiotherapy, etc. Its versatility, less contraindication brings it vigorous vitality and makes it ideal supplementary therapy instrument for medical establishments.
Instrument characteristics:
1. Advanced micro-wave technology method replacing electrocautery, laser and freeze methods.
2. Simple operation, no tissue carbonization, speedy hemostasia, no sputtering and fast wound healing.
3. Radiators of various types, for the therapy of focuses in different positions.
4. Intelligent close loop control by the single-chip microprocessor, ensuring safety and validity of the therapy.

5. Keyboard input with easy handle. The parameters of Therapy time and power can be set through the keyboard upon switching-on. They can also be regulated freely in response to patient demands during treatment.

6. Real time display by LED, clear treatment time and power.

7. 220V AC electric power source with double fuses, meeting the national standard.

8. High security, Zero sequence protection keeping the patient from the harm of micro-wave output caused by abrupt switch of power source.

9. Convenient pedal operation.
10. Timing range: treatment time: 1-99s. , physical therapy time: 1-99 min. , annunciating
When finished.
11. Types: handcart, plane panel platform, slant panel platform, available for choice.

Technical specification:

 Micro-wave frequency: 2450MHz

 Output power range: 0 ~ 60W continuous adjustable

 Continuous adjustable timing range: 0 ~ 99 min.

 Standing wave coefficient: <=3

 Micro-wave radiation: 100cm forward and 25cm backward from the radiator, invalid radiation power density at any point 5cm from the instrument surface: <= 2mW/cm2

Configuration standard:

Host computer: 1

Radiator: 10(or selective matching)

Pedal switch: 1

Transmission cord: 2