Sell CFT-400 Wison-wave Complex Therapy Meter

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CFT-400 Wison-wave Complex Therapy Meter

The Wison-wave complex therapy meter is a primary product for treating the diseases which belong to the gynecology and obstetrics department. It carries on the low frequency pulse stimulation to specific spot of human body through the special-purpose therapy piece, it has the physical effect partially to the human body, adjusts inner environment of human body, thus achieves the clinical curative effects of unblocking mammary gland tube, promoting the latex secretion, speeding up the recovery of womb, promoting urination after childbirth, alleviating ache after childbirth, speeding up the wound cicatrization and so on.
It is mainly suitable in the gynecology and obstetrics department to carry on the conventional treatment of urging milk, and the clinical therapies of the latex secretes little, the mammary gland tube does not pass, promoting the urination after the childbirth, the recovery after childbirth and so on.

 It can be separated fixed the therapeutic time in 5min, 10min,15min,20min, 25min,30min,35min,40min. The deviation of fixing time does not surpass 110%. After achieved the hypothetic time, the instrument will stop the therapy automatically, and it will send out a sound to prompt, the indicating lamp of work is extinction, the time and the therapeutic item will recover the original value.
 It can choose any single channel or two single channels to output simultaneously.
 The output intensities of two output channels can be established separately, it can treat two patients simultaneously.
 This instrument has many kinds of therapeutic item, the patient may according to need to choose the corresponding therapeutic prescription, the application is widespread
 The pure physical therapy does not have any injury to the human body.
 The instrument is easy to operate, and it has the quality of economical and practical.

Main Technical Data:
* The scope of output intensity adjustment is 1 -- 250 level, the value of output voltage is increasing or decreasing progressively in turn.
* The time of this instrument is separate fixed to be 5min, 10 min, 15min, 20min, 25min, 30min, 35min, 40min.
* It has 12 kinds of therapeutic method.
* The basic frequency of instrument is 833Hz, the pulse width is 0.4ms.
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