Sell CFT-5001A Ultrasound Scanner

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CFT-5001A Ultrasound Scanner
This machine is used for dynamic diagnosis of visceral organs (such as liver, gallbladder, kidney, spleen, pancreas, urinary bladder and heart) in abdominal part of the human body. It has found wide application in local hospitals for clinical examination and diagnosis of disease in obstetrics and gynecology as well as examination of contraceptive ring and pregnancy. The ultrasonic examination and diagnosis is of non-intrusive image type, therefore it has no contraindications and complications related to such examination.

 Electronic convex array probe that has high sensitivity, long service life and no noise.
 Advanced image processing techniques including multi-segment focusing, variable aperture, logarithmic compression, dynamic filtering and TGC image control that ensure rich image gradation, clear layers and fine image resolution.
 Soft touch key and mouse operation that is fast, convenient and flexible.
 Progressive scanning technique that makes the image sharper and more stable.
 Measurement and computation function for distance, perimeter, area, heart rate and pregnant weeks.
 Real-time clock, case number, various human body signs and full-screen character notation.
 Image freeze/defreeze function.
 Image horizontal flip and black-white converting.
 Image playback. 64-frame picture playback in continuous mode or single frame review mode.
 Video output port for external color monitor connection and image pseudo color processing.
 Frequency conversion function.
 Eight kinds of γ calibration curves.
 Cart type.
 Dual monitor.
Main Technical Data
 Scanning mode: electronic convex array, 80 array elements.
 Probe frequency: 3.5 MHz.
 Display mode: B, BB, M or BM.
 Image magnification: W0.8, W1.0, W1.2, W1.5
 Gray scale: 256
 Detecting depth: >=160 mm.
 Longitudinal definition<=2 mm (depth<= 80 mm)
<=3 mm (80 mm <=depth<=130 mm)
 Transversal definition: <=3 mm (depth<= 80 mm)
<=4 mm (80 mm <=depth<=130 mm)
 Geometric position accuracy: longitudinal <=10%; transversal <=15%.
 Blind zone: <=5 mm
 Input power: <=120VA(260VA) .
 Continuous working time: >=8 hours.
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ISO9001&3A2000,ISO13485&3A2003 and CE
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