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CFT-6100 Mammary Treatment Device

Based on the traditional Chinese medicine therapy and modern therapy, the instrument is an advanced high-tech product for female mastopathy treatment. The microcomputer analog controls the infrared thermal radiation, drug ion delivery and electric pulse to work on the lesion tissue, speeding up the metabolism, activating immunity system, regulating excitement of nerve ending, intensifying drug concentration to achieve maximal therapy effect. It can be used in the treatment of mastitis, hyperplasia of mammary glands, mastodynia , benign lump, irregular menstruation and imbalance of hormone level. Special curing effect is found in breast health care and stimulating milk secretion.
Instrument characteristics:
◎ Infrared, drug ion and electric pulse effect work simultaneously.
◎ Two patients can be treated at the same time through the computer control.
◎ Continuous adjustable infrared intensity: band 1~18
◎ Seven optional therapy modes.
◎ Being small size and portable, having good curative effect.
Technical specification:
1. Seven optional therapy modes: condensation wave, spike wave, rarefaction wave, fluctuation wave, intermittent wave, spiccato fluctuation wave and variable frequency wave.
2. Continuous adjustable Infrared intensity range: band 1~18, intensity increasing by degree gradually.
3. Probe wave length: 0.85m~35m
4. Continuous adjustable Timing range: 0~99min. , time error <=11min.

Main configuration:
Host Computer: 1
Treatment head: 2
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ISO9001&3A2000,ISO13485&3A2003 and CE
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