Sell CFT-7100 Ultrasound Cerebrovascular Treatment Device

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CFT-7100 Ultrasound Cerebrovascular Treatment Device
Based on the principles of thermal effects, physicochemical effects and mechanical effects, the instrument is designed to help treat cerebral rovascuar disease, which is one of the three fatal diseases that endanger human health. But satisfying therapy result cant be achieved through medication nowadays because of the disease itself (such as blood brain barrier) and the side effect of the medicine. Clinical therapy results verifies that the CFT-7100 ultrasound cerebral rovascular disease therapy instrument, as a convenient and effective new technology for the synchronous lossless treatment of the central and peripheral nerves, sheds new light on the treatment and cure of cerebral rovascular disease. It also provides effective and advanced technical means for the lossless treatment during the apoplexy omen period (such as encephatherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia) , signaling a new approach to the cerebral rovascular disease treatment.
Instrument characteristics:
◎ Integrating the functions of the ultrasound, the electric heating and the electro-acupuncture.
◎ The application of acupuncture at acpoints by super low frequency electrical pulses, and physical electrotherapy to cerebral rovascular disease treatment.
◎ Double output of Electro-acupuncture, making simultaneous treatment of two parts (the upper limbs and the lower limbs) possible.
◎ Having good curative effect, being small size and portable.
Technical specification:
1. Ultrasound frequency: 800 KHz
2. Available radiation area: 2.5cm2
3. Output sound intensity: 0.5W/cm2
4. Timing range: 0 ~ 30min
5. Electro-acupuncture frequency: 4Hz; pulse width: 2ms
Main configuration:
Host computer 1
Ultrasound transducer 1
Electro-acupuncture stimulator 4 pieces
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ISO9001&3A2000,ISO13485&3A2003 and CE
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