Sell CFT-9000 Digital Electronic Vagina Image System

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CFT-9000 Digital Electronic Vagina Image System
Designed on the basis of digital imaging technique combined with multi-media compute, CFT-9000 digital electronic vagina image system is a new instrument for gynecological exams, surpassing the optical colposcope. The high resolution display can accurately detect the extremely fine focus, which provides helpful evidence for erosion and carcinogenesis diagnosis. The instrument is equipped with advanced word and image processing system and software: image acquisition, image freeze, image zooming, image storage and color output of graphics context. Its power is further enhanced by supporting tele-diagnosis. Meeting the need of digitalizing and network trend of modern medical science, the instrument can be widely used in the mass survey of gynecopathy disease by family planning service stations and every grade hospitals.

Instrument characteristics:
◎ Low illumination, high resolution digital color camera (DSP-controlled 128 times microshot and automatic zooming function) , automatic focusing, photometry, easy practical image zooming and convenient images access.
◎ Ultra-high frequency intensity cold light source in loop shape, even, bright and shadowless.
◎17 -inch high resolution display, providing convenient image observation and acquisition.
◎ Abundance image processing system function: label adding, measurement of focus length and area, etc.
◎ Super-large storage capacity of over 100 thousand images, providing disk backup and management of images, cases and documents.
◎ Color output of multi images and diagnostic results.

Technical specification:
1. Light spot diameter: >=10cm(30cm from light source)
2. Maximum illumination: >=1000Lux
3. Image Resolution: >=400 TVL
4. Functions include:1~50 continuous image acquisition, image display, image freeze, videotaping, replay, record, image saving and deletion, dynamic browsing of multi images, etc.

Configuration standard:
1. Computer: Celeron CPU 2.1GHz or higher(or brand computer with similar function) RAM >=128 MB, Hard disk space >=40GB
2. Display: 17 -inch color perfectly flat display
3. Printer: color ink-jet printer of EPSON or HP
4. Color digital camera
5. Luxurious handcart
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ISO9001&3A2000,ISO13485&3A2003 and CE
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