CHAMELEON SERIES UPS You May Also Be Interested In: alarm battery chameleon
1) Advanced PWM technology for inverter output
2) AVR function, inner installed examination circuit for too low or too high
voltage of commercial power, can connect with the power generator
3) Low current switch control technology to extend the life of the switch
4) Thermal battery change technology, convenient for the user's to
change battery (UPS-550A/B, 550CA/CB)
5) Inner-equipped charger of constant current and voltage, advanced
battery management and low voltage protection system
6) RJ45/11 terminal for telephone, fax, and modem circuit protection
7) Smart RS232 interface for automatic file saving and power off, low
voltage of battery examination functions, etc. (only for Model "B")
8) Special protection against AC/DC overload and short-circuit protection
against inversion state with high reliability
9) Seven optional colors of front panel to meet different customer's

Models: UPS-550A, UPS-550B, UPS-550CA, UPS-550CB, UPS-1100CA,
UPS-1100CB, UPS-1100A, UPS-1100B

1) Max. capacity (VA) : 500VA/300W, 425VA/250W, 1000VA/600W,
2) Rated capacity (VA) : 315VA/200W, 315VA/200W, 800VA/480W,
3) Input commercial power range: 165VAC-280VAC, 145VAC-285VAC
4) AVR range: 175VAC-270VAC, 155VAC-275VAC
5) Frequency: 50Hz110%, 45-65Hz automatic self-check
6) Output commercial power: sine-wave
7) Inversion: simulate sine-wave
8) Frequency: share frequency with the commercial inversion state:
50Hz 1 0.5% or 50Hz 1 1%
9) AVR voltage range: 220VAC110% (auto-sensing)
10) Transfer time typical: 10ms
11) Spark protection: 320 joules, 2ms
12) Filter: 10dB at 0.15MHz, 50dB at 30Hz
13) Overload: UPS automatic shutdown if overload exceeds150% of
normal value for 30 seconds and 180% for 3 seconds
14) TEL/FAX/MODEM RJ45/11 jacks (compatible with UPS-550B/CB
UPS 1100B/CB)
15) Short circuit: UPS output is cutoff immediately or input circuit breaker
16) Alarm battery back-up: beep sound every 4 seconds under input
17) Battery low voltage: beep sound every 1 second when battery runs
18) Battery type: sealed, maintenance-free lead acid
19) Capacity: (12V, 7Ah) x 1 (12V, 5.5Ah) x 1, (12V, 5.5Ah) x 2, (12V,
7Ah) x 2
20) Recharge time: 8 hour to 90% full capacity
21) Back-up time: typical 10min (half) , typical 8min (half) , typical 10min
(half) , typical 10min (half)
22) Battery protection: automatic self-test, discharge protection
23) Communication interface: RS232(B) Bi directional communication
port (compatible with UPS-550B/CB , UPS-1100B/CB)
24) Communication port: compatible with UPS-550B/CB, UPS-1100B/CB
25) We accept order with special specifications

Inner packing:
Color carton
Dimensions (D x W x H) : 320 x 90 x 150, 320 x 90 x 150, 320 x 150 x 220,
366 x 110 x 165mm
N. W. : 6.6kg, 5.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg
G. W. : 7.1kg, 6.0kg, 10.5kg, 13kg

Outer packing:
3 or 4pcs/ctn
Carton dimensions (D x W x H) : 413 x 383 x 245, 465 x 375 x 480mm
Weight: 22, 18, 42, 52kg

Specifications only for reference, subject to change without prior notice.

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
320 x 90 x 150, 320 x 90 x 150
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Power Requirements
315VA/200W, 315VA/200W, 800VA/
Terms of Payment
T/T,D/P,L/C at sight
Terms of Sale