CHINESE JICAI(190) DIESEL GENSET You May Also Be Interested In: diesel genset dynamo power genset jicai diesel genset kerosene engines
The Jicai (190) series diesel oil unit belongs to the large-scale diesel dynamo, by the National Major industry Jinan Diesel engine plant production, this type technology is mature, the stable property, provides the equipment and the military facility use for a long time for our country petroleum profession, adapts open country construction and under specially the adverse circumstance uses. Our company for the Jinan Diesel engine plant Jiangsu area soft big OEM cooperation factory, diesel dynamo power range 400-1200kW which produces, is the domestically produced high efficiency diesel engine's first choice product. The Jinan firewood 190 series Z12V190B kerosene engines are China are high speed, in high efficiency family an only national quality gold medal product. Widely uses with the petroleum, The mine, the Enterprises and institutions, the performance-to-price ratio is high, the oral traditions are good