CHINESE WUDONG SERIES GENERATING SETS You May Also Be Interested In: at woods control signal flexible steel measuring appliance shaft coupling
Equipt with Chinese famous WUDONG series engine
The generator uses Our company and the advantage comes the LSG series which the woods Ma electricity company pools capital to produce not to brush the electrical machinery, may also select Standford which the Wuxi new times alternator Limited company produces the HCI series not to brush the generator.
The diesel engine and the generator, use the flexible steel plate shaft coupling joint, the structure are compact.
The integrated structure, the control box puts in above the generator, the easy installation, the area is small
The ground form (GF) the unit has whole set surveillance operational aspect to need the measuring appliance, has the high water temperature, the low flowing tubing head pressure, overspeed and the short trouble protection.
The automation (GFZ) the unit uses the liquid crystal Chinese character demonstration unit active status, has the following function:
-- Automatic, the movement, the engine off, try to move four kind of movement patterns;
--When the automatic pattern, the city electricity breaks down, the automatic start, the reduced pressure, send out the main switch to switch on the control signal; After the city electricity restores normally, automatic
-- Sends out the hand-off control signal; After unit cold machine movement the engine off, is at the readiness condition;
-- Has the correspondence function, the disposition has RS485 the intelligent correspondence connection, may realize the unit two remote (remote control, remote letter) the function;
-- Has overspeed, owes fast, the low flowing tubing head pressure, the high water temperature, the generator voltage exceptionally, the overflow, to measure the fast sensor fail safe and the start defeat, the voltage low malfunction alert.
May choose and match the suite
-- The RS232/RS485 intelligence correspondence connection, realizes the unit three remote (remote control, remote letter, telemetering)
-- Accumulator cell floating installment;
-- Unit/city electricity automatic cut over screen;
-- Automatic, manual parallel control screen;
-- Fuel oil tank.