Sell CHM-1060 Automatic Flatbed Die Cutter for Cutting and Creasing

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Feeding Section
1) The tissue and the corrugated paper are accepted very perfect with the high-tech feeder.
2) Adapting the recycle way of paper feeding.
Sheet Stabilizing Conveyor and Guide Section
1) three set of multifunctional side lay device.
2) The registration installment can be adjusted while the machine is working.
3) Conveyor belt system can be adjusted and is suitable for tiny paper sheet too.
4) Warning installment of working deregulation, and warning for dangerous.
Die Cutting Section and Touch Screen
1) High strength and high power die cutting installment with the durable air clutch & brake system.
2) Multi-functional program. (human machine interface and the cutting plate controlled by electricity
3) panel installation with simple design
Stripping Section
1) Trouble free and clean stripping by 3-cushion type stripping.
2) Handy setting of the stripping pins.
3) inner monitor to record the working condition any time.
Delivery Section
1) the back-up delivery unit sustaining Non-stop delivery working.
2) Stop automatically when the back-up delivery is full.
3) The automatic system of sheet feeding and the working speed of machine will go up when the back-up delivery is out.
4) High speed elevator.
CHM-1060 Main Technical Variables
1. MAX. Sheet Size 1060X740mm
2. MIN. Sheet Size
3. MAX. Cutting Size 1050X730mm
4. MIN. Gripper Margin 8mm
5. Cutting Pressure
6. Machine Weight
7. Electrical Power 19.2kw
8. Main power 11kw
9. Max. cutting Speed 8000Sheets/h
10. Paper Sheet Thickness 0.1-5mm