Sell CHM Rotogravure Printing Machine for Flexible Packaging Material(No.1)

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CHM Flexible Packaging Solution

1. Rotogravure Printing Machine
2. Heavy-Duty Rotogravure Printing Machine
3. Slow Gravure Printing Machine
4. CPP Sheet Extrusion Line
5.3-layer CPP Sheet Co-extrusion Line
6. Wet Laminator 7. Heavy Duty Computerized Dry Laminator
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10. Servo Motor Driving 3-Side Seal Bag Making Machine
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CHM Rotogravure Printing Machine for Flexible Packaging Material(No.1)
It is a high tech and low-cost big printing machine. Prints in top quality delicate colors on cello-phane, polyester (RPT) , biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP) , casted polypropylene film (CPP) , nylon and other plastic films.

Technical Parameters:

Model No.
1 video scanner for inspection of impression roll.

Unwind Unit
Automatic tension tension by AC motor & 2 dancer rollers.

Feeding Unit
Tension control:Dancer control by pneumatic cylinder (bellofram)

Printing Unit
Print cylinder
Error:manual transverse adjust.

Impression Roll unit
One roll press type

Doctor blade
Unique & compact design

Ink Reservoir
Stainless steel with manual position controller.

Register Control
Automatic color controller & compensation roller

DC vector drive

Drying Chamber
Nozzle type heated by steam or heater

Outfeed Unit
Same as infeed unit but the preheating

Semi automatic.

Automatic tension control by AC motor & tension amplifier.

Print Cylinder
1,000 mm
Print Cylinder Dia.
120 - 300 mm

Sheet CoreDia.
76 mm
Wind & Unwind Dia
600 mm

Print Colors
1 to 10
Print Width
1,000 mm

Print Thickness
0.01-0.2 mm
Max. Mechanical Speed
200 m/min

Print Speed
120 m/min
Main Machine
22 KW

Heating Method
power heating
Heating Power
72 KW

Total Power
110 KW
Print Accuracy
+/-0.2 mm

25 tons
Dimensions: (L/W/H)
18,000x4,400 x3,200 mm

Print Materials
PET 12-36, CPP 20-60 microns, OPP 20-60, NY 12-50 microns, BOPP 19-60 microns, cellophane paper: 300"-400".