Sell CHM-SYFA30 PP Bag-making Machine

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Mechanical specification

Size changeable
Less than 30 minutes changeovers
4 seconds per cycle
With auto suction system
For bottom supportive P. P. board welding system
Main Technical Parameters
Label size: GB-IO GB-12 (Special order)
Minimum : 150mmX200mmX70mm
Maximum : 264mmX327mmX136mm 264mmX362mmX185mm
Thickness: O.12mm--O.2mm
Production Speed: 4 seconds per cycle (not include loading time)
Construction Mateials: PP/PVC/PE
Power: 220V, 60Hz,15Kw / 380V, 50Hz,15Kw
Air: 300L/min,7kg/cm2
Machine Weight: 380kg