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currentiy virulent chemical pesticdes are aggrieving the agriculture allover the world. especially forfruits, vegetobles, teas and cereals, which are eaten directly, the residual toxictiy of the pesticides are more and more threatening the health of human beings. 'CHONGTENG'0.2%Matrine Lactone is a wide pedigree one refined form effective ingredients that are extracted form kinds of chinese medicinal herbs and natural wikdings with scientific formulation and advanced technology. 'CHONGTENG'0.2% Matrine
Lactone can deal with kinds of pests, improve environmental conditions and facilitale the growth of crops. more important is that the pollution to environmental food and water resources caused by virulent chemical pesticides can be avoided.
it is really a product without social pollution effect , which can keep
the ecological balance and is beneficial to the health of human beings.

Characteristics and effects:
1!" this preparation is refined form effective ingrediethat are extracted form kinds of chinese
medicinal herbs and natural wildings with scientific formulation and
advanced technology.
2!" this product can eliminate the pubblic harm and pollution caused by
farm chemicals, and improve water and soil. the fertility of soil can be
improved and gradually returned to natural status.
3!" this preparation kills pests by contact toxicity, and concurrently
by stomach-poisson effect. its effect can last long time and it also has some
fast killing efficacy for the pests
4!" it can prevent and kill most of pathogenic bacteria, and also can
kill underground pests.
5!" the preparation can provide crops with nutrition supplements to promote
the yield. alkaloid, an nitroogenous compound itself. so the produt can accelerate
the growth of crops.
6!" application of the product can ensure the safely of fruits,
vegetables and teas.
7!" it also has some effect for protecling animals and domesticanimals
form parasites of the epizoismtype and dermatosis.

Usage method:
regimentation apply the scope dilution proportion
aphids 800--1000
diamondback moth 800--1200
prevention and cure cabbage caterpillar 1000--1500
of vegetable pests pearl moth 800--1000
leguminivora glycinivorella midsummer 1000
preventing acaroids\Lepidoptera pests 1000
rad spider mite pear psylla 800
prevention and cure of fruit tree pests larvae 1000--1500
carposing nipponensis \ pear maggot 1500
aphids\pearlmoth 1000--1200
prevention and cure of piant pests 800--1000
prevention and cure of flower pests 1200--1500
prevention and cure of lawn pests 1200-1500
animals and dom ectoparasite\tinea\dermatosis 500
estic animals
NOTE: this product kills pests by contact toxicity and concurrently by stomach-poison effect, is
high efficiency no pollutants no harm no poisonous remains

Attentive items:
1!" don!/t use it mix with alkaline material before sprinkle please clean out the sprinkler apparatus
and alone use this product

2!" it!/s better to use it at the dusk not before the rainfall. sprinkle equally and in its entirety

3!" alone use this product and don`t need the special protection

4!" don!/t let children to touch, avoiding to eat

Stored in a cool and dry place with good ventilation preventing form sunlight exposure of long time
Guarantee period: 24months
Product standard: Q/RHS006-2003


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