Sell CIF network video server HY-6004HC

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Network video server

4-channel audio and video full real-time video server
The maximum coding format supported is 1D1+3CIF.

This special solution is adopted to meet the need in
practical project application, that is, to satisfy the
demands for different definition of different scenes in one DVS.

Application Fields
The embedded network video server DVS-6004HC is a kind of new generation embedded DVR produced by our company. Nowadays, video surveillance technology is developing rapidly for the aim of digital, connected and intellectualized. The core technologies--compression algorithm, network technology, intellectualized technology and etc. are all integrated in DVR. Therefore, audio and video codec card for PC based DVR, along with embedded DVR and DVS are absolutely the core components of digital video surveillance system. As the Chinese business is developing at a very high speed, DVR and DVS have already been widely used in finance, electric power, posts, government, transportation, irrigation works, market place, hotel, wharf, station and many other fields and places in last 10 years
Viper II SOC (system level chip) is used as the core chip, so that functions are stronger, performance is higher, volume is smaller, and high speed, high integration, as well as low power are realized.
The maximum coding format supported is 1D1+3CIF. This special solution is adopted to meet the needs in practical project application, that is, to satisfy the need of different definition in different scenes in one DVS.
Compression ratio of enhanced H.264 reduced to 60%; LAN delay is <300ms.
Provide 1 USB interface for access and recording of facilities.
Provide equipment development package and inner Web Server.
Digital video matrix system can be formed when combined with 8002MD/8008MD matrix decoding card.

Video Parameters
Video Compression Format: H.264/Enhanced H.264 (MainProfile)
Video Inputs: 2-channel (NTSC/PAL) , BNC,1.0Vp-p,75(Ohms)
Playback Resolution: PAL:176X144 (QCIF) , 352X288 (CIF) , 704x576 (D1)
NTSC:160X120(QCIF) ,320x240(CIF) ,640x480(D1)
Video Frame Rate: PAL: 1~25fps; NTSC:1~30fps
Code Streaming Mode: single/composite streaming
Compression Rate: 16K~4Mbps

Audio Parameters
Audio Compression Format: G.726
Audio inputs: 4 channel, BNC, 2Vp-p,600(Ohms)
Voice Communication Input: 1channel, Lotus shape RCA connector, 2Vp-p,600(Ohms)
Audio Output: 1 Channel, Lotus shape RCA connector, Linear Output,600(Ohms)

Other Parameters
Network Interface:1x10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Port(RJ45)
Communication Interfaces: 1xRS232, 1xRS485
Alarm Inputs: 4 Channel Alarm Input (Open/Closed Two Modes Supported)
Alarm Outputs: 2-Channel Alarm Output (Open Mode, exports when relay closed. )
Working Temperature: -10~ +55 celsius degrees
Working Humidity:10% ~ -90 %
Power Consumption: 9.3W
Size: 211x125x40MM(LxWxH)
Brand Name
HighEasy/ HiEasy
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
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Warranty Coverage
18 months