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Advantages of using a CIS
; You never have to buy or refill another ink cartridge again. Buying ink in bulk results in fantastic savings, allowing you to print
economically with just about any ink. Some specialty inks (archival, quad tone etc. ) cost even more than Epson cartridges if you buy
them in prefilled cartridges.
; No more orange shift. The cyan ink that is a component in all of Epson's 'light fast' inks is sensitive to ozone. Unless your prints are
protected behind glass or in a plastic sleeve, the cyan ink may disappear rapidly when exposed to air, causing your prints to look
orange. Only Epson's light fast inks are known to have this problem. You are free to use any 3'rd party ink you wish with our system.
; No more wasted ink. With normal cartridges, there is always a significant amount of ink left in the cartridge when it reads
'empty'. Part of this is a built in safety margin, the other part is because if you use up one color, you have to throw out the whole
cartridge rather than just replace that color. With a CIS, you refill only the ink bottles you use, and you never waste ink during cartridge
changes because you never change the cartridge.
Advantages of using our CIS
; Exclusive custom designed microchip that always reads 100 percent full
- You never have to remove the cartridges from the printer, which assures easy, trouble free operation.
- No cartridge swapping tricks needed to reset the ink counter. With newly manufactured printers
it may not even be possible to use this trick.
; Brand new virgin empty cartridges used in the manufacture of the CIS
- No need to try and wash out used cartridges, or flush out the original ink with another by printing,
which is virtually impossible (using a standard purge page, it took us almost 80 pages to run the
cartridges empty once, which only exchanges 1/2 of the old ink remaining each time you do that) .
; Fully assembled, pressure tested and ready to use (estimated 15-25 minutes from start to printing)
; Brand new vacuum pump design.
- The easiest fill method on the planet just got easier. The new pump is 40 percent easier to operate,
achieving great efficiency with increased durability.
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