Sell CISS for epson, canon, hp (bulk ink system)

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we make CISS for Epson, canon, hp.
this product will be the innovation of traditional cartridge:

balanceable style Continuous Ink System (CISS) is a bulk ink supply system, for select inkjet printers, that replaces your standard inkjet cartridges.

1. neednot buy cartridge in future, save 80% money.
2. environment friendly.
3. always ink full status, easy work.
4. reasonable price.

we supply ciss for below printer:

Epson: R200, R220, R230, R240, R340, R1800, R800, R2400, RX700, C45, C58, C59, C65, C67,

RX700, C86, C88, D88, PHOTO 830, PHOTO1290, PHOTO950, ETC.

Canon: BCI24 series, S200, S300, i450, ip1000; BCI 3e series, i6100, S400, I850; BCI 6e series, IP3000, IP4000, IP5000, I560, I850, I6000D, i9000, S9000, i950, i9900, i9950; CLI 8 series, IP4200, IP5200 etc.

HP: business inkjet 1000/1200/1700/2000/2230/2280/3000/, designjet 500/800/120/10ps/50ps/130/90, K550, 8230/8250/8238/3110/3210, ETC.