Sell CLW-B Rubidium-Ferro-Boron Surface Conditioner

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CLW-B Rubidium-Ferro-Boron Surface Conditioner
It is an excellent megnetic material forever. Because Rubidium is very active, normal electropalting pretreatment cant be adopted. We developed CLW-B to degrease and derust Rubidium-Ferro-Boron in one step, its treatment speed is fast and result is good.
Formulation and Technique:
CLW-B 20%
Water 80%
Temperature R. T.
Time 1 ~ 5 min
7 Preparation: (eg. 1 liter)
Adding 800ml water into vessel, then adding 200ml of CLW-B slowly and agitating it till being uniform.
1. After being sealed holes with boiling water, the roll smooth spare parts with bevel can be directly dipped into surface conditioner to degrease, derust and surface adjusting, after water rinsing, eletroplating or electrophoresis can be carried out. If the result is bad once, repeat operation till parts become white-gray.
2. When the reaction is slow and treatment result is bad, new surface conditioner will be replenished at any moment. When the solution becomes not clear, it will not influence the effect, if the solution is very dirty, empty it or reprepare new work solution.
3. The surface conditioner is not poisonous, no hazard odor produces during operation without exhaust equipment, but it has a little corrosion, dont let it in eyes, if so, wash eyes with tap water.
Note: this specification is based on our company expirement and informations for reference only.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10mt per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
14 days
Minimum Order Quantity
25 kgs
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
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