Sell CM-9A Stretch blow molding machine

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CM-9A Stretch blow-moulding machine is an economical machine for blowing various PET bottles of max. Volume up to 5L. This set of machines uses rotary infrared oven for preheating with high production capacity. Features of CM-9A are automatic control, high output, working safety, simple structure, convenient in operation and less power needed. It is an ideal equipment for bottled water industry.

Bottle volume: 0.1L to 5L
Max. Production capacity: 500 to 750 bph ( 0.1L to 2L) 150 to 180 bph (2L to 5L)
Mould-clamping pressure: 10kg
Max. Size of mould: 300mm
Max. Mould opening stroke: 280mm
Max. Mouth diameter of bottle preform: 120mm
Max. Length of bottle preform: 250mm
Max. Heating speed of preform: 1800pcs/h
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