Sell CMC(sodium carboxy methl cellulose) , MC, HPMC, HEMC

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Carboxymethyl cellulose for drilling fluid

Carboxymethyl cellulose is made of natural cellulose, short for CMC.

CMC is used extensively among the well drilling liquid, its function mainly include: reduces the mud's filter loss, tackify, complicated stratum and marine petroleum drilling, etc. Our company has mire than 20 years' history on producing the carboxymethyl cellulose for drilling fluid. This product has food salt resistance, good anti-filtering effect, good tackifying effect and good temperature resistance.
Our factory has complete mud checkout equipment, such as API normal pressure filtration meter, the high-temperature high pressure filtration meter, hot rotary stove, six-speed mud rotational viscometer, brookfield rotational viscometer, high-speed mixer, and the mud simulation material of the complete set, for instance, API bentonite, and other bentonite of different specifications, etc. Our factory is capable to produce products according to the special-purpose index of every oil company besides producing universal products as API , etc.
Index Specification of CMC of API Standard

Item Index
Appearance granular powder flow freely
Viscometer600r/min reading in fresh water 3% solution>=90 0.6% solution>=30
in 4% slat water - 0.8% solution>=30
in saturated brine - 0.7% solution>=30
filter loss/cm 3 in saturated brine 0.9% mud<=10 cm 3 0.9% mud<=10