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Chemical Name: Sodium Carboxymethylellulose

Chemical Formula: [C6H7O2(OH) x (OCH2COONa) y]n

Molecular Weight: 162.14-242.16

CMC is creamy white powder and is easily soluble in both cold and hot water to produce viscous liquid.

1. Food Industry: Thickening agent; Water rention agent; Stabilizer; Emulsifier; Film forming agent
2. Paper Industry: Water retention agent; Bonding agent; Dispersive power of coating color filler; Lubricant agent
3. Toothpaste: Excellent compatibility with other ingredients; Viscosity regulator; Produces fine and smooth texture; Binding and shaping
4. Oil drilling: Fluid loss control; Reduction of friction losses; Cleaning out of drilled solids; Shale inhibition; Thermal stability and salt stability; Improve drilling efficiency
5. Ceramics: Improve plasticity and green strength in the bodies; Temporary binder; Stabilizer, thickener and binder in glazes.
Application Food : yoghurt products, beverage, juices, ice cream, desserts, jam, instant noodle, chocolate, etc.

Others Industries: Toothpaste, Oil Drilling, Ceramics, Paper, Textile Printing, Decorative indoor paints, Building material, Insectcides, Adhesives, Welding rods, Mining industry, Reconstituted tobacco

Purity - 99%min. or 99.5%min. ,
D. S. -0.7-0.9,
Moisture-8%max. ,
PH-6.0-8.5, V
iscosity (1% solution Brookfield LVDV-I+ ) - 10-5000 cps

Package: 20kg or 25kg or 50lb paper-plastic bags

Stability and storage:
Please store in well-closed containers in a cool, dry place. The production can be stored for 24 months from the date of manufacture.