Sell CNC High Speed WEDM

CNC High Speed WEDM
Model DK7732

a) Size of worktable(mm) :600W400
b) Travel X, Y, Z(mm) :400W320W350
c) Max. workpiece weight(kg) :500
d) Machine Weight(kg) :1200
e) Machine dimension(mm) :1450W1050W1500
f) Diameter of wire(mm) :X0.120.25
g) Max. taper angle(0/mm) :6/100
h) Wire running speed(m/s) :8-12
i) Repeat Positioning Accuracy(mm) :0.015/100
j) Standard supply:220V/380V110%/50Hz/2kVA
k) Other supply:200V/415V110%/50Hz/2kVA
l) Max. cutting speed(mm2/min) :120
m) Single pulse advancing accuracy(mm) :0.001
n) Best surface finish(5m(Ra) ) :<=2.5
o) Control method and axis:Open -loop 4 simultaneous
p) Driver of worktable:10 pats 5 phase driven by step motor
q) Linear-circular-taper-4 axis program with 3B&G codes
r) Precision machining(mm) :0.015
s) Communication:RS232 , NIC, USB