Sell CNC Plasma/Flame Cutting Machine

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The CNC cutting machine produced by our company is able to use flame and plasma cutting. The whole machine and electrical parts are adopted with high standard making, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance. We can collocate auto-igniter, auto-height, CAD auto-programming and nesting software, powder spraying, triple cutting torch, infinity revolve cutting torch and etc functions. And this machine compared with the products of the same category abroad, ours are highly competitive in performance and prices. Our plasma cutting machine are able to complete America Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, OTC or home made plasma power sources to perform the dry plasma, underwater plasma and fine plasma cutting operations. This is customer's ideal cutting equipment.

1) Model specification: CNC-CG
2) Front 4numbers is rail span, unit is mm
3) Behind 1number is system model: A stand for Spain FAGOR8035; B stand for
America Hypertherm EDGEIIor Micro-EDGE; C stand for Beijing StartSH-2000H