Sell CNC Vehicle Compound Lathe

CNC Vehicle Compound Lathe
CNC Vehicle Compound Lathe
CKD6183X CKD61103X CKD61123X
1. Center height 415/515/615mm
2. Swing over bed 830/1030/1230mm
3. Swing over cross slide 440/640/840mm
4. Distance between centers 1500/2000/3000/4500/6000mm
5. Max turning length (saddle stroke) 1350/1850/2850/4350/5850mm
6. Spindle bore 105mm
7. Bed width 610mm
8. spindle bore taper metric 120
9. Center taper MT6
10. Spindle speed range 10-800rpm
11. Main motor power 11KW
12. Number of tool stations 4
13. Distance from spindle center line to column 33.5mm
14. Tool O. D. size 32*32mm
15. Quill diameter 120mm
16. Quill taper MT6
17. Quill travel 260mm
18. Quill cross range 15mm
19. Positioning accuracy X:0.03 Z:0.045
20. Repeatablity accuracy X:0.012 Z:0.02
21. Standard CNC system Shenzhen HANUC 31T
22. Measurement: 3730*1830*1920 (mm)
23. Net weight: 6t
The lathe can be used for all kinds of turning work, such as turning surface of external or internal cylinders, conical end face, other surface revolution, cutting for all kinds of threads, slot, converse angle in common use. . . the tool slide can implement dislocation, accomplish kinds of machining. You can choose many process programmes conveniently. The power is high, rigidity is good, externality is artistic. The size precision of parts machined in this lathe is up to grade IT7, the surface rough is Ra3.2um.
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Brand Name
Supply Capacity
30sets per month
Model Number
CKD 6183X 61103X 61123X