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Its name is c, HLQ-200-600. It adapts to a wide range of angle iron (with various thickness, single-sided or Double-sided) processing. The largest bending angle is 50 degrees (largest single-sided bending angle is 50 degrees, largest double-sided bending angle is 45 degrees) . It also can cold press sheet metal(thickness: 2-16mm, length: 600 mm, largest bending angle is 150 degrees) .

This CNC machine tool matches a Hyperbolic Die and a Single Die (Positive and negative) , so it no longer requires any other mold users to provide. In this process, it only needs to enter angle irons thickness and bend angle at Touch Panel following the instructions, adjust to the length of a good angle positioning, then press the circle button to activate automatic heating and bending. Reprovision has more convenient foot pedal operation job industry. The replacement of its molds are easy and convenient.

Strong rigidity, compact structure;
Save energy, and lower heating power. Some work pieces can be completed by cold-pressing, it only uses 1 / 5 of original energy;
Simple operation, just type work piece specifications and bending angle;
Heaters motion control and bending both are automatic, efficient production, and it can improve more than 8 times;
Reduce the labor intensity of workers, and ensure the stability of workpiece accuracy;
Hydraulic stability to keep the steel from injury.
Technical Characteristics:
Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration
PLC control, servo motor to send the heater
Cold pressing and heat pressing are permitted, comply with the requirements of Tower process.
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