Sell CNC wire cut EDM machine:DK7763

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Item Unit DK7763D DK7763F
Worktable size (LWW) mm 1100W660 1100W660
Table travel(XWY) mm 630W800 630W800
Max. workpiece thickness mm 500 500
Max. taper angle /plate thickness Degree/mm 130/100 1300/100
Max. machining speed mm2/min 120 120
Precision Octagon mm <=0.015 <=0.015
taper mm <=0.04 <=0.1
Max. working current A 6 6
Roughness 5m <=1.5 <=1.5
Wire diameter mm #0.15~#0.2 #0.15~#0.2
Wire travelling speed m/min 5~11 5~11
Load of table Kg 3000 3000
Working solution Saponification Liquid
Working reservoir capacity L 56 56
Power supply 3N-380V/50Hz 3N-380V/50Hz
Power consumption KVA 3 3
Wire guide frame Adjustable
Machine dimensions(LWWWH) mm 2040W1850W1800 2040W1850W1800
Package dimensions(LWWWH) mm 2200W2450W2050 2200W2450W2200
Machine weight Kg 4500 4500
Controller type XKG-2005
XKG-2002 XKG-2005