Sell CO2  Gas Shielded Welding Machine

CO2  Gas Shielded Welding Machine You May Also Be Interested In: co2 gas
1) Suit for welding thick plate which thickness is above 0.8mm
2) Low-cost, high efficiency and welding quality
3) Simply operation, economic and practical
4) Stable current; be able to balance voltage when voltage of power supply is waving
5) Input power voltage frequency: AC380 (three phase) 115%
6) Frequency: 50/60Hz
7) Rate input power capacity (KVA) :8.3
8) Input current: 12.6A
9) Rated output current: 250A
10) Rated output voltage: 26.5V
11) Duty cycle: 60%
12) Type of wire reeder: inside
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