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YMRF-12 CO2 Laser Marking Machine with its great reliability, long continuous working hours, clear and complete marks and being supported by many soft wares, it can be used to collect and make several of marks. The accuracy of its marking on the surface of the work piece can be maximally ensured through the non-contact processing. Therefore, along with its fast installation and convenient maintenance, it is suitable for marking on many kinds of materials with the marks left clear, beautiful and everlasting.

Machine configuration:
1. RF laser imported from the USA
2. PCI control card specialized for the marking machine
3. Scanning mirror with ultra high speed and high precision
4. Accurate red light refocusing function

1. The laser optical system is totally-enclosed and maintenance-free, without adjustment. It can be assembled at any time if needed.
2. The coherent RF laser, imported from the USA, is characterized by large power, high-quality light spot, stable power and long service life.
3. The high speed laser scanning system features compact construction, firmness and dustproof, convenient and accurate installation, anti-jamming ability, etc. The design of this system has taken the heat elimination method of the vibrating-mirror motor and driver board into full consideration, in order to ensure the stability of the system under long-hours working condition.
4. The methods of air-cooling of RF laser and sealed optical path are adopted to ensure more stable operation and longer service life.
5. The control card supports PCI interface bus and pedal switch.
6. It supports 2 ways of distortion correction including 9-point correction and cross correction.
7. Strong graphics drawing and editing functions enable direct marking of color graphic or marking after color convert from RGB to grey scale.
8. It supports TrueType font, single-line font, single-dimension bar code and two-dimension bar code, and also is compatible to general bitmap format (BMP, JPG and TIF etc) and vector graphics (plt and dxf etc. )

Application Area:
Applicable materials:
Non-metal materials, including leather, rubber, wood board, bamboo products, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastics, marble, jade, crystal and cloth etc.

12W RF laser marking machine has fine marking effect and lower power consumption, especially applicable to those areas that require finer marking effect but smaller marking range.

Suitable for marking on electronic components, rubber keypads, IC, electrical engineering and electric apparatus, mobile communication, plastic, cutting, clothing of production line, cloth and tire surface; Also be able to mark on the color paster of ceramics and on glass surface.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
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Condition of Goods
1080W530W1335 mm
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1 set
Power Requirements
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T/T&26#12289; L/C at sight
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90 days