Sell CO2 Laser Therapy Instrument

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The instrument is suitable for many medical uses, such as cosmetology, surgery, gynaecology, E. N. T. surgery, dermatology etc. It can do discission, vaporization, cauterization, coagulation treatment with favorable results, and highly recognized and welcomed by doctor and patient. The instrument can be applied in wards and private clinics.
Type of the laser instrument: Sealed CO2 laser instrument
Laser wavelength: 10.65m
Laser mode: Multi-mode
Output power: 0~25W, continuously adjustable
The diameter of focus facular: <=0.8mm
Angle of divergence: <=4mard
The focus of lens: f=100mm
Power degree of instability: <110%
Indication beam: 0.1~5mW Red Semiconductor Laser
Transmission system: Balance conducting optical arms with 7-joins
Operate and control: Touch button and microcomputer control
Working mode: CONT, SINGL, REPT, S. P
Pulse duration: 0.05~1 second
S. P duration: 0.02~1 second
Display: Power, time (digital display)
Cooling system: Inside-circulating cooling water
Power supply: AC220122V 50Hz11Hz
Environmental temperature: 5~400
Relative humidity: <=80%
Dimension: 260*360*960(mm)
Net weight: 38kg