Sell CO2 Online fly laser marking machine series

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It adopts imported shoot power metal-sealed CO2 laser and high speed scanner system for this series product, equipped with the professional flying marking control software. It can be suitable for the on-line mass production under the working methods of online flying marking (continued and dynamic working) , and formed the character, figures, symbol, images anti-faked auto coding and serial number, etc. Automation marking process, no touch, no polluted, lower running cost (not other consumables) , lower failure rate(without maintenance) . It can be made the better function for anti-faked and indicated the area code.
Stable integrate capability of the machine, high repeated precision and orientate precision, long life the laser, continuous working 24 hours with high speed, It can be satisfied for the demand of the on-line mass production.

Application and materials
Industrials: spirits, tobacco, medication, foodstuff & drink, individual nursed materials, electron wares, cards, arts and crafts, building materials and leather etc.
Materials: paper, plastics, pellicle, tin foil, wood, glass, PVC, ABS and EP etc.

1. No touched laser marking for environmental protection, not any injurant, no contaminated, there is not any changed when through the test for medicament, milling and high temperature.
2. Once investment, not need anaphase consumables, lower cost for not more than 1kilowatt-hour.
3. Automatic working on line for packing through the computer, it can mark for a few thousand or ten thousand products per 1 hour, the cost lower than normal printing, higher speed and easier operating.
4. Can on-line mark the dynamic series code, anti-faked code, equipped with
Logistics Management Information Services System for anti-faked and indicated area code, stop the counterfeit and wrong area selling, improve the enterprises level for sales and logistics management.

Technical Data:
Max. laser power:15W/30W
Wavelength: 10.645m
Repeat frequency: 20kHz
Marking scope: 60X60mm and 100X100mm (optional)
Marking contents: character, symbol, logo, barcode, two-dimension code, graphics, image,
full automatism serial number, batch number, real time clock, automatism
date of manufacture and encrypt number at will.
Marking speed: 0-90M/min. (optional)
Min. line width: 0.1mm
Repeat accuracy: 10.01mm
Min. character: 0.3mm-60mm (optional)
Marking lines: from one to ten
Type of character: Chinese, English, figure
Image direction: 0o-360o (optional)
Scanner direction: 0o-360o (optional)
Information memory: absoluteness
Character height: absoluteness within marking scope
Laser deflexion system: high speed scanner
Control system: standard computer, true color LCD, Windows XP editor interface, operation in
Chinese, can editor figure, character and images.
Input port: input interface of production inductor, non normal working input of on-line production
Output port: alarm signal output for laser fault and environment exceed standard
Working method: Using equipped with customers product line or customized at the customers
Input power: 500W /700W
Electrical source: 220V/single-phage/50Hz / 3.5A or 5A
Cooling system: Air cooling.
Brand Name
Lead Laser
Supply Capacity
8 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
25 days
Model Number
LD- FMK-CO2-15F (30F)
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50 hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Shanghai
Warranty Coverage
365 days