Sell CO2 Temperature Humidity Multiple Controller for Greenhouse

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1) . Especially designed for agriculture equipments such as greenhouse, food and vegetable storage. Real time detects CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity with programmable logical control.
2) . Compositive design and convenient connection with a handsome housing.
3) . Carbon dioxide sensor, temperature sensor and humidity sensor are internal, the three values can be apart set
4) . Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector (NDIR) CO2 sensor, 15 years lifetime, CO2 setting range is selectable: 0~2000ppm / 0~20000ppm / 0~50000ppm
5) . Special ABC Logic with patented Self Calibration Algorithm makes the CO2 sensor is used up to 15 years without calibration amending
6) . Providing two or three relays outputs to control CO2 generator and a ventilator, or control CO2, temperature, humidity
7) . Specially design for locale mounting with combine 16amp outlet loads
8) . Brightness detection makes CO2 generator changeover working mode automatically
9) . Large LCD with blue backlight displays the working status RS-485 communication interface with 15KV antistatic protection makes the controller can be connected with PC Strong functions& High performance with Low price