Sell CO2 flying marking machine

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Product features:It adopts imported shoot power metal-off CO2 laser engine, repeated precision, high orientatial precision, long life of the laser engine, continuous working 24 hours with high speed, have 20000 hours freely after-service. It can marking excellent which is for better than the traditional marker. The cost of maintance is low. This machine do not need traditional edit of the presswork. It is simple to operate this machine, can be used in many materials marking.
Applications & materials: Can be used in most of the nonmetals on-line marking, such as paper, leather, cloth, glass, colophony, bamboo, metal with plating, PCBboard.
It is adopted in many areas. Medication, individual nursed materials, tobacco, package of the foodstuff & drink, dairy products, dress assist-stuff, electron wares etc. Meanwhile, it can marking numbers, characters, logs and so on.