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CO2 laser is a kind of beauty&medical laser, widely treat the following skin problem:
1. Dermatology: facial cosmetology, body freckle, nevus, tumour, wart, skin cancer, the instrument can excise anything superfluous or unless in order to make people strong and handsome and to prevent pathological changing.
2. E. N. T: all kinds of rhinitises, nose polyps, pharyngitises, oral hemangiomas.
3. Ophthalmology: orbit tumour, eyelid, sty, double blood skin.
4. Gynecology: chronic cervicitis, valvar angiofibromata, cervical erosion, leukoplakiavulvae, excesion uterus polyp , cervical carcinoma in situs, etc.
5. General surgery: haemorrhoids, aal fissure and anal fistula, phimosis, V. D. etc.
6. Others: underarm odour, corn, ulcer.
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110V or 220V
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