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If your hiking, boating, or on a road trip, you can find your way with the GPS100 global positioning system from Cobra.

The Cobra GPS100 is water proof, easy to use and twice as fast as other brands.

18 parallel channel GPS continuously tracks and uses up to 18 satellites to compute and update user's position giving the quickest acquisition time of any handheld recreational GPS receiver available today!

Stores up to 500 waypoints with names and symbols.
Create 1 route with up to 50 waypoints.

Automatically tracks your travel with up to 2,000 log points.

Save up to 10 tracks from the track log with the ability to navigate the track path in both forward and reverse.

Choose from up to 100 map datums to compare with a paper map or other navigational reference.
Choose from 18 position formats used to display the location coordinates.

Selectable data fields lets the user display up to 5 fields about their position or navigation chosen from: Accuracy, Average Speed, Bearing, Date, Destination, Elevation, ETA, Location, Maximum Speed, Odometer, Power, Speed, Time, Trip Odometer, Trip Time.

User Guide and Quick Reference Guide support 8 languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Also features compass, altimeter, clock, indefinite user data storage