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The cocoa plant is a small, delicate tree that thrives only in a hot and rainy tropical climate, within 20 degrees North and south of the equator. The crop bears pods or fruits that contain the cocoa beans used to make chocolate, cocoa butter, and more. The cocoa tree is grown predominately in the regions of West Africa, Latin America, and southeast Asia Like as Indonesia.

The Cocoa Powder is produced from Cocoa ground to the required fineness. It has characteristic cocoa flavor and light to medium brown color.
A choice ingredient for bakery products, dairy products, chocolate products, chocolate milk, chocolate, ice cream, coating, cocoa mix, cocoa drink, cocoa dessert and cocoa bath.

Cocoa Powder have has two grade like as NATURAL COCOA POWDER and ALKALIZED COCOA POWDER with the specification contents as appended hereunder , :

Moisture 5%, Fat Content 10%-12% , Ph 5.6 - 5.9 Fineness at 200 Mesh 75 Micron 97% Max.
Color Light Brown, e. Coli Negative, Salmonella Negative, Moulds < 50 col/gr
Packing in 25 kg triple P. P Bags with inner
Price US$ 700/MT FOB Indonesia Port

Moisture 5%, Fat Content 8%-10% , Ph 6.8 - 7.29 Fineness at 200 Mesh 75 Micron 99.6 % Max.
Color Brown, plate count < 10,000 col/gr Yeast = < 50 col/gr, Total Ash 12% Maximum, Moulds < 50 col/gr
E. coli Negative Salmonella negative.
Packing in 25 kg triple PP Bags with inner
Price US$ 825/MT FOB Indonesia port for Brown color
Price US$ 875/MT for Dark Color

Payment Terms :
The first Shipment : 30% Down payment and 70% by At Sight LC
The Second shipment : 100% Revolving At Sight LC

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