Sell COLLOIDAL SILVER (High Voltage-AC) with Certificate Of Purity

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Serendipity High Voltage-AC colloidal silver or silver water as it is sometimes known, is the only Colloidal Silver , that comes with a Certificate of Purity.

Seven Reasons Why You Should
Choose Serendipity Laboratories-
HVAC Colloidal Silver. . .

* Manufactured in Glass Vats-Not Plastic Drums.
* Purest water use. .
 first de-ionised with reverse osmosis,
 then steam distilled to kill any microbes. . .
and finally. .
 De-gassed to allow toxins to escape-rather than to resettle back in the solution.
* Purest Silver electrodes. . used 99.99%
 comes with a Certificate Of Assay. . guaranteed
to contain. . .
 No Cadmium
 No aluminium
 No Mercury
 No Lead and
 No Bismuth

* High Voltage-AC utilizing 15,000 volts not 27 volts dc. . . particle size much smaller

* Maintains PPM to safe . . level less than10mg/L

* ICP-Atomic Emmissions Spectroscopy
 Bactericidal testing
 Culture Tested

* No Chemicals, proteins, stabilisers, salts or artificial additives used at any stage.

* Certificate Of Purity. . for your family; s Peace of Mind.

Serendipity Setting the Standard
Brand Name
Serendipity Laboratories
Condition of Goods
100ml, 500ml,Litre
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 litres
Terms of Payment
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