Sell COLLOIDAL Zinc (High Voltage-AC) with Certificate Of Purity

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Serendipity High Voltage-AC Colloidal Zinc comes with a Certificate of Purity.

Seven Reasons Why You Should
Choose Serendipity Laboratories-
HVAC Colloidal Zinc. . .

* Manufactured in Glass Vats-Not Plastic Drums.

* Purest water use. .
 first de-ionised with reverse osmosis,
 then steam distilled to kill any microbes. . .
and finally. .
 De-gassed allowing toxins to escape-rather than to resettle back in the solution.

* Purest Zinc electrodes

* High Voltage-AC utilizing 15,000 volts not 27 volts dc. . . particle size much smaller

* Maintains PPM to safe . . level less than 10mg/L

* ICP-Atomic Emmissions Spectroscopy

* No Chemicals, proteins, stabilisers, salts or artificial additives used at any stage.

* Certificate Of Purity. . for your family's Peace of Mind.

Serendipity Setting the Standard
Brand Name
Serendipity Laboratories
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units