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also are offering this product that already we can exploit and sell of legal form here in colombia, I that this product it use enough in small stone in different manufactur de product like that at that the Coltan looks or tantalum is a metal that is in use for the manufacture of electronic equipments(teams) as mobile telephones, cameras, video cameras, and, e, t, c The coltan or tantalum is the abbreviation of the columbita-tantalita, a serie of minerals formed(trained) for columbita and tantalita from that the tantalum or tantalum is extracted. . . The tantalum is a metal that is characterized for having a very high point of merger, being a good driver of electricity, very hard and very resistant to the acids. . . All that does that it(he, she) has turned into a basic and important raw material(commodity) for the manufacture of condensers of electronic circuits, rectificadores of tension, surgical, material materials of laboratory, lenses of chambers(cameras) . . . The problem that this material presents us today is the difficulty to replace it for being very compact,  there might be done condensers Of aluminium that they would work exactly equally but would occupy much more space. Because of it the tantalum is so important for almost all the electronic devices, which every time are smaller,  mobile telephones with chambers(cameras) , consoles of games, chambers(cameras) of photos, teh price is usd80 per kilogram FOB el dorado airport bogota colombia.
In this moment we have 15 tons available of tantalum, if you know or can negotiate this it(he, she) curls, you have it available, it(he, she) looks at this business is very profitable, like that that it look at good and you tell us
Supply Capacity
15000 Kg
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
1000 Kg
Terms of Sale
FOB Airport EL DORADO Bogota - Colombia
1 Kg