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Capacity: 600,000 t/year of stainless steel

(2) Electric Arc Furnaces

- (1) Furnace capacity 65 to 70 tons (year 1962)
Transformer 50 MVA, 20 000 V

- (1) Furnace capacity 45 tons (year 1974)
Transformer 43 MVA, 20 000 V

Hydraulic adjustment of the electrodes via valves made by TAGLIAFERRI and a control system made by EMPERE de SPIE TRINDEL (year 1998 and 2003) .
The furnaces are each equipped with a blower made by MORE with approx. 3.5 MW, as well as an oxygen lance made by BARATEC with a consumption of 15 to 20 Nm3/minute.
The transfer of the metal output from the furnace to a 130 t AOD-installation is done by 3 transport ladles.

(1) AOD-installation (Argon-Oxygen Decarburization) (year 1982)

Capacity 130 tons of steel and 15 to 20 tons of slag.
The AOD-installation is equipped with an oxygen lance (100 Nm3/minute) .
The AOD-installation is controlled by a centralized cable system made by
SETECIM (new in 1993) and video cameras.

Ladle metallurgy

Installed behind the AOD-installation, without heating system with automatic temperature record.

Continuous Slab Caster made by CLECIM, single strand (year 1983)

Casting radius 10.75 m
Slab thickness 160 to 190 mm (extension to 200 mm possible)
Slab width 750 to1600 mm
Slab length possible from 5.9 to 14.5 m

- electromagnetic stirrer made by ROTELEC (DANIELI) year 2002
- flame cutting machine made by GEGA equipped with (2) torches

The complete slab caster including the water treatment station is operated by a central control panel (automation and logistics made by SETECIM) .

Slab grinding shop :


- 4 Grinders made by CENTRO MASKIN (year 1975 revamped in 1986 and 1989) . The grinders are fed by (2) slab cranes with rotary grippers made by HEPPENSTHAL, capacity 42 tons
- 2 Slab turning devices made by HEPPENSTAHL with a balance
- 1 Knife-flame cutting machine with (1) torch for cutting samples and defectives

Surrounding equipment:

- Laboratory
- Diesel-emergency generator 1200 KWA
- Mechanical workshop with machine tools
- Spare parts stock
- Air-conditioner for temperature control in the switchboard room and operating cabin
- radio network with a frequency of 150 MHz to enable communication between
the cranes, the operating and maintenance

Condition : very good
Location : Europe

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