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1) Specification: BS EN 1978:1998 and ASTM B115-95 Standards.
 Certification: LME registered.
 Dimensions and packaging:
o Cathode dimensions: approx. 1000 x 1000 x 5 mm
o Weight: approx. 40 kg.
o Bundles piece count: approx. 65 cathodes, weight: approx. 2,500 kg;
dimensions: approx.1000 x 1000 x 670 mm
o Bands: 4 (2+2)
o Labeling: bundle number, weight, production date, brand and bar code.

2) Chemical Data
LME brand meets or exceeds the following chemical specification (ppm) :
Zn. . < 1 Cr. . < 1
S. < 8 Pb. . < 3
Fe. . < 3 Sb. . < 1
As. . < 1 Mn. . < 1
Se. . < 1 Bi< 0.5
Ni< 1 Si< 1
Cd. . < 1 P. < 1
Sn. . < 1 Co < 1
Ag. . < 1 Te < 1
Cu. . >= 99.99%

3. ORIGIN: Republic of Chile.

4. VESSEL DISCHARGE: In accordance with the terms and conditions as in the time charter party agreement.

5. SHIPPING: Shall begin thirty to forty (30-40) days or better after receipt and confirmation of an operative financial instrument acceptable to the Seller:
 Deliveries: 1.000 MT every month.
 Total Quantity: Under Contract 12,000 MT

 Price: LME Cash Seller & Settlement + Premium USD$300.00 (Three Hundred USD) /MT
 Inconterms: CIF (ASWP) .


8. SCHEDULE: The shipment schedule for the total contract quantity ofdifferent metric tons is subject to mutual agreement between the Buyerand the Seller. Shipment schedule will be duly signed and stamped byboth the Seller and the Buyer and will be appended to the sales andpurchase contract.

 The LC will be LME price (Cash Seller & Settlement) per MT+ PREMIUM USD$300.00 (Three Hundred dollars) .
The price of the LME will be calculated according on the average priceof the last month and before the date of issue of the LC+10%. The LC must be in US Dollars by Automatic Revolving Documentary Letterof Credit, with full Bank assurance. This instrumentirrevocable, Transferable, Confirmed, documentary, and Revolving. Itshall be fully funded, payable at sight and shall be issued or endorsedby class A Bank that it is acceptable to the seller.
 ThisFinancial instrument will be issued as an active LC and will be theinstrument for delivery. Before the payment instrument is transferredto our account, the text of the payment instrument must be reviewed andapproved by our representatives. The LC documents shall be negotiableand payable at the Sellers Bank.
 Sellers Bank. Letter ofCredit opening Bank shall allow an additional confirmation by any Bankat the expense of the Buyers side.
 All Bank cost involving this transaction shall be at the expense of the buyer.
 Irrevocable, Transferable, DLC issued by Buyers Bank below 100% paid at sight.

10. INSURANCE: 110% of the CIF value of the shipments.

Sociiti Ginirale de Surveillance (SGS or similar) at Buyers cost shallinspect commodity at the place of loading. SGS shall issue aninspection certificate of quality and quantity of each the shipmentsand produce a certificate compliance.

 Commercial Invoice, 3 originals and 2 copies
 Packing List, 3 originals and 2 copies
3/3 Full Set of Ocean on Board ocean bill of Landing made out to orderof issuing Bank marked Freight Pre-Paid and notify applicant
 Mill Certificate
 Certificate of Origin issued by/or endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce of Country of Origin.
 Insurance policy

13. PENALTY: The Buyer agrees to open the LC according to the paymentschedule within 10 (ten) days after signing of the final contract. Ifby any reason the Buyer doesnt take the quantities agreed in thecontract or doesnt open the LC in time, the contract may be cancelledat Sellers option.
 The buyer shall be solely andfully responsible for paying all taxes, levies, import permissions orpermits imposed by the country of destination or required to ship tothe Country of destination.
 Buyer must have all importpermissions and permits in writing, and copy sent to the Seller. TheBuyer bears the sole responsibility of securing all permits, licensesor any other documents required by the Government of the importingnation. Seller has no responsibility to provide such documentation.
Buyer will bear all cost associated with securing such documents andwill also bear all cost and penalties if such documents are not securedand in no case shall the Seller be held liable for missing or improperdocumentation. The Buyer is required to provide shipping based onINCONTERMS 2000.
Please inform:
 General presentation of the Company
 A brief description of productions process, and main market for your products, if apply.
 Bank and Commercial references