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We are a large manufacturer specialized in red copper tubes in China. We have gained the ISO9001 Quality Systems Certificate in 2002 and the ASTM Certificate in 2000, and we mainly produce :
1. Pancake Coil
(1) Pancake Coil for Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service ASTM B280
(2) Pancake Coil for General Engineering Applications ASTM B75
(3) Pancake Coil for Refrigeration, Oil Lines Gasoline Lines ASTM B68
2. Copper Tubes for ACR and Refrigeration
3. copper water tube
4. LWC Coil
(1) LWC coil for air-conditioning and refrigeration field service ASTM B280.
(2) LWC coil for general engineering applications ASTM B75.
(3) LWC coil for refrigeration, oil lines gasoline lines ASTM B68.
5. incising tube
6. PE-coated copper water tube
7. Copper tube for other applications